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Displaying SMS at Reading University

30 January, 2008

One of the tools I used yesterday in Reading was a rather nifty SMS tool, which allows me to receive SMS messages on a mobile phone and display them to the audience. All through the power of bluetooth and some technical wizardry! As a tool when presenting it offers the audience a chance to interact […]

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Reading University

29 January, 2008

I had the great privilege of talking to this year’s PGCE graduates at Reading University today, sharing my thoughts on education and ICT. I was invited to talk by the head of Education, Leslie Honour, who had read my CV and thought that I had something to offer. I talked for just over an hour […]

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Heath Ledger

23 January, 2008

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Heath Ledger today. I have no remarkable stories to tell of knowing the chap, nor can I say that I was a massive fan of his work. Despite having only ever seen him in a handful of titles I have to say I […]

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Daytime callers

22 January, 2008

“Hello, may I speak to Mr MacLean, please?” “Certainly, may I ask who is calling?” “Yes, its xxxx from Pure Insurance. Are you Mr MacLean?” “I am.” “May I interest you in free cover costing 99p a day?” “You may not. But you could interest me in why you are calling me. Do you check […]

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New iMacs for the company

17 January, 2008

So the time has come to think about the macs we have got at Cleveratom and how we want to plan for the future. Our trusty G4’s are reaching the point where we no longer use them – even video editing (so long the staple job of these machines) is faster on my Macbook Pro, […]

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