Daytime callers

“Hello, may I speak to Mr MacLean, please?”
“Certainly, may I ask who is calling?”
“Yes, its xxxx from Pure Insurance. Are you Mr MacLean?”
“I am.”
“May I interest you in free cover costing 99p a day?”
“You may not. But you could interest me in why you are calling me. Do you check your lists agains the TPS service?”
“erm… yes, we do…”
“In which case you will be aware that this number is registered and I am entitled to take action against your company.”
“Erm… I’m sorry, I am just doing my job…”
“Yes. Badly.”
“Would you like to speak to my supervisor?”
“You betcha!”

slight pause, muffled voices.

“Hello, Mr MacLean?”
“My name is xxxx . I’m very sorry to have troubled you, please accept my apologies on behalf of the company”
“I’m not sure that is good enough. Why are you people ringing me in the middle of my working day? You clearly do not check the TPS lists.”
“I assure you we do, but I will manually delete your number from our records to ensure that you do not hear from us again. I am very sorry that you have been troubled…”

And so went my first call of the lunchtime period for the first day working at home in goodness knows how long. I really ought to be kinder to these folk who are ‘only doing their job’. Trouble is, I find it too difficult to see it their way, and it’s too much fun to tie them in knots. And some days I’m just plain grumpy!