New iMacs for the company

So the time has come to think about the macs we have got at Cleveratom and how we want to plan for the future. Our trusty G4’s are reaching the point where we no longer use them – even video editing (so long the staple job of these machines) is faster on my Macbook Pro, easier to do and portable, too.

So what to do? We have a rather nice 1.25GHz dual processor G4 (Mirror drive drawer) which has been sat quietly for a month or two now, a 733MHz single processor ‘quicksilver’ machine from the same era, and another highly upgraded G4, running as a dual 1.2GHz (upgrade card) with two SATA drives as a raid array, additional firewire ports and USB2 ports added on. Any offers?

In their place we have just bought some shiny new iMacs which are now taking on the role of office machines, general purpose desktop kit. They look excellent – we used them at BETT on the stand and they were worthy enough to draw a few people over just because they look so good! Wireless keyboards, wireless mouse (although I personally don’t like the bluetooth connection struggling each time the machine boots), these are smart pieces of equipment.

So it appears to be crunch time for ‘Jolly Roger’, ‘Birdseye’ and ‘Jumbo’… is there a nice home for them to go to?