Ryan Air, hidden flight charges, economy air travel

Tonight I watched another programme which tore into Ryan Air and gave them a hard time over their pricing policies. Having travelled with Ryan Air more than a few times, and been subjected to their particular brand of in-flight care, I would have to say that there are definite areas for improvement in the servicdes they provide. I am not a staunch supporter.

However, I can say that I was fully aware of that each time I have booked, and the fact I re-booked goes to show that I accept their policies and terms of service.

I would say leave Ryan Air alone. They are still cheap, and you know what you are going to get well in advance. You know for a fact they will charge you heavily for food in flight, for carrying baggage, for making changes to your bookings, for turning up late, for turning up early… for turning up at all!

Despite this, you have the option of booking with them, or not. This seems like a definite case of not reading the small print… if Ryan Air were hiding these facts from you (and yes, I agree that their web site is complex and not particularly user friendly), then you would have cause to complain. But because Ryan Air are so up front with all of it, and you know in advance this is what it is about, then book the flight with them if you accept the terms they offer. If not, pay more and go elsewhere to get your flying sorted.