Ivory Coast Cheating, or Brazil?

I am not sure I am well qualified to speak about this, but I am watching the Brazilians play the Ivory Coast. I have high hopes for Brazil – they play with such flair… normally.

In the 89th minute, Kader Keita from the Ivory Coast ran into Kaka from Brazil, and then fell on the floor clutching his face. Kaka did nothing wrong, and certainly didn’t raise a hand to his opponent’s face. With much writhing on the floor and wringing of hands, a row erupted, and the ref sent Kaka off the pitch.

How can this possibly be right?

The game has deteriorated into a pass time for cheats if this is normal behaviour. Shame on you, Kader Keita. You have brought the good name of the Ivory Coast into disrepute.

One thought on “Ivory Coast Cheating, or Brazil?

  • 20 June, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    i agree, they should be ashamed of themselves.fife should make them play france in the world cheating cup

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