Science Alive

On Wednesday this coming week (23rd June) the new ‘Science Alive‘ centre will open its doors for the first time and we’ll see visitors coming to see what it is all about. Based in the new buildings erected in the grounds of Harlow College, along Velizy Avenue, Science Alive will present a number of unique spaces and activities, including a studio space set up by Cleveratom.

The studio will be a Chroma Key experience, using a live chroma system from Reflecmedia. Visitors will be able to stand in front of the specially designed screen and talk to camera, which will have a ring of green LEDs attached, providing the essential ‘green screen’ effect. From there, the image taken by the camera will be fed into a Reflecmedia ‘Ultimatte’ box which will deal with the removal of the backdrop, and then send the image to a computer for video capture.

The captured video can then be edited (using an iMac and Final Cut software) and popped out to DVD for the visitor to take with them before they leave.

Cleveratom have been doing this kind of work in schools for many years, and our good friends at Reflecmedia have been extremely generous in supporting the project with their excellent technology. I’ll be there on Monday, setting the space up, and there again on Wednesday to see it be used for the first time.