Elsenham Golf and Leisure Club

I have been looking for a small, friendly and (mostly) affordable golf club to join. I found Elsenham Golf and Leisure Club just north of Stansted airport and have been going there recently to play a few rounds, and to use the driving range.

I am quietly impressed with this place – there is a nine hole course that has enough tee spots to play 18 holes without using the same tees for both 9’s, and is an interesting little course. In general, those who play with a slight draw will find the course easier than those with a slight fade (or more likely, a vicious slice), but there is enough of interest to keep you going. I particularly like the 6th, 7th and 8th holes, but what I enjoy more than anything is that there is a wide range of wildlife in and around the fairways. I should take my camera one day…

There is a small pro shop, bar and a decent little gym all attached, and plans are afoot to add a swimming pool and better overall facilities.

What sets it apart is that it is friendly, and the membership won’t kill your bank account. There is no ‘enrolment’ fee and annual membership, it’s just a simple, single payment after which you can wear the greens out.

Superb. Suits me just fine!