AML Online Training, Affiliate Program Up And Running, Become An Affiliate

The exciting thing about setting up new systems is you get to set up new ideas, too. And on this occasion, it’s the Anti-Money Laundering program in the Philippines, which we’ve been working on since April 2019.

It’s going well – we have become the first accredited online provider for AML training online, and we work closely with the Anti-Money Laundering Commission to get the content of the training to match perfectly with their face to face training.

Now we have also set up an affiliate program and we are inviting people to participate. However, there is a catch – you need to be actively working with the kind of businesses that need to be certified in AML within the Philippines! You don’t have to be employed by such a business (although it won’t hurt if you are), but i order to maximise your chances as an affiliate for anti-money laundering training you really ought to be able to refer people who will need to be certified. The online training is comprehensive and anyone successfully completing the course is awarded a certificate, fully accredited by AMLC themselves!

Affiliates earn a generous commission if they can refer people to the AML online training in reasonable numbers, and that’s why we only want people who have the networks into the target businesses to take part in this. For more information on taking part, please complete the application form online, and we will review your details.