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DVD Studio Pro, Jukebox scripts, random playback

23 May, 2005

Thanks to Alex Blanc today – he worked through a lot of binary based maths with me to help answer a fairly challenging question… how to set up a user selected playlist so that it plays back in a random order.

The issue is actually very complex. Last year we developed a user selected playlist allowing the viewer to choose up to nine clips from a total of 24 on offer. If you consider that each viewer will make their own choice this is in itself a random playback engine. However, what if the viewer wants to select the first nine clips and then play those back randomly without repeating any clips? This is the challenge!

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Alpine N333RRS quality

20 May, 2005

Right – now this is in the car and working, let’s talk about how good it is (or isn’t).

First off, I have a bog standard audi audio system – which by all accounts is actually pretty good. I always loved the warmth of the sound and the strength of the bass was OK. But now I have an Alpine system – what differences are there?

Well, for one, I found that I do in fact have a sub woofer in my car – not particularly obvious but it is now punching out some more serious bass than before. The speakers consist of fronts split into two – mid range and tweeters, plus an additional centre channel on the dashboard top, and the rears which are standard single cone stuff.

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Alpine N333RRS in Audi A3

20 May, 2005

OK – job is done… Alpine N333RRS head unit is sitting in my Audi A3 car and all seems well.

Well, that is except for a couple of small things…

Firstly, the audi factory fitted phone kit no longer works- calls coming in are not muting the head unit and I cannot hear the phone through the speakers as before. The fitters did add a new dedicated speaker for the phone, but the output volume from the kit is so small it is inaudible. This needs amplification, at the very least.

It also seems that some functions of the driver’s info system are not working – the most significant of which is the display of the CD or radio station info. Wow – no great loss there – all other stuff seems fine.

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ICE>LINK software, Dension config files, iPod in your car, update ice>LINK

14 May, 2005

Following on from previous posts, you can now download all versions of Dension’s firmware here, including versions 2.03, 2.04, 2.05, 2.06, 2.07 and 2.10. Included in the zip file are the config files for all of the head units that Dension supported, both OEM and aftermarket. Additionally there are the update instructions and the start update.mp3 file.

Click here to download them all – it is a 4.1MB download…

Edited – Feb 18th 06, Check out the block on the left hand side – all versions in the updates library are now listed individually, along with the config files and a .pdf about how to run the updates.

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Buying from the Internet

14 May, 2005

I have been caught out once or twice with dodgy dealers who haunt places like eBay (check out any threads you can find on Jason Pitcock, who ripped me and about 60 other folk off for Apple kit and is now being put on trial by the FBI). So it is with a great deal of trepidation that I enter into any online deal that looks too good to be true.

However, I have to say that the Alpine sat nav gear which Kara got me for my recent birthday has made me think again – there *are* some decent people ‘out there’.

We bought the unit from and throughout I was worried that I couldn’t speak German and didn’t want to appear too ignorant by ringing them and speaking in English. How wrong could I get… I *did* pluck up the courage to ring after I had exchanged several emails.

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