Alpine N333RRS in Audi A3

OK – job is done… Alpine N333RRS head unit is sitting in my Audi A3 car and all seems well.

Well, that is except for a couple of small things…

Firstly, the audi factory fitted phone kit no longer works- calls coming in are not muting the head unit and I cannot hear the phone through the speakers as before. The fitters did add a new dedicated speaker for the phone, but the output volume from the kit is so small it is inaudible. This needs amplification, at the very least.

It also seems that some functions of the driver’s info system are not working – the most significant of which is the display of the CD or radio station info. Wow – no great loss there – all other stuff seems fine.

It’s the phone which gets me irritated -that was one of the main things I needed to retain. I ahve sent a few emails around asking if there is an adapter available, since I don’t really want to be cutting through any wires and taping them together to get it to work. Fortunately I have heard from who say they do have an adapter which will give me the basic functionality. I’d pay well just for that bit!! Everyone else seems to think it is impossible to do – and I can’t believe that for a moment.

I have had some interesting discussion on what to do from the forums… but only from one fellow in Johannesburg (don’t you just love the international possibilities of the Internet??)

However, beyond any of that the most worrying aspect to fitting this after market unit is that my car is less than three years old and yet I may have inadvertently invalidated the warranty! Oops! Can you imagine taking the unit out of the car, refitting the old unit and then going for some warranty work, only to have to reverse the process when done? No, me neither. Let’s hope the car stays in good enough condition not to need it…

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