Windscreen replacement Audi A5 Cabriolet

I had the misfortune of getting a crack on my car wind screen and have been attempting to get it repaired. Now, the job is never straight forward, I know, but to date I have been let down three times by the same company.

I am covered by my insurers – a trading company of Hastings insurance called Insure, and whilst there is an excess, the rest is at least covered. However, they deal with Nationwide Crash Repairs in Leicester, who I have had the dubious pleasure of dealing with. Now – I am not saying anything about the quality of thier service, which, to be fair, is actually pretty good in the way they deal with you. There is at least clear communication… it’s just that they cannot seem to get the repair completed.

The first booking was over two weeks ago, and I was told the repair could take place at work. The time and date organised, I waited for my car to get its new glass. However, I didn’t get an engineer, I got a call *on the day* to tell me the glass they sourced had a fault. So we rearrange…

The second attempt was also cancelled *on the day* because the engineer’s van had a problem and he couldn’t get to me. He could get to other clients but I was way too far down the list to be able to say it was possible. That alone as curious.

Today I get the third call *on the day* to tell me the repair required special ‘clips’. These were not with the engineer and so we would have to delay again. This is getting beyond a joke – we’ve rearranged for next Tuesday now.

So tell me – if the first glass was damaged, the clips would have been in, right…? And if the second attempt was down to a vehicle issue, the clips would have still been in… right? So why now are there no clips? Do all Audi A5’s get broken screens around the same time and the clips get used up?

It just doesn’t make sense.

So let’s see what happens on Tuesday – I’ll post pictures and let you know if it actually all goes ahead! Until then, I am saying I am less than impressed with being let down three times and on what many would consider to be spurious reasons… Good luck if you are dealing with the same issues from the same company – I’d love to know how you got on, and whether my experience is simply a fluke.