DVDafteredit, DVD after edit, post build editing, DVD Studio Pro, editing video_ts folder, free mac mini

I note that the good folks over at DVDafteredit.com are giving away a free mac mini with every copy of the top level ‘mastering edition’ of their software.

Just so you know, DVDAfterEdit is a groundbreaking addition to any DVD author’s toolkit – if you haven’t yet got it, go now and sign up for a copy – if you are at all serious about DVD authoring, that is. yes, I know it costs a few dollars, but you’ll be glad you spent them – not least for the shiny new mac mini that is yours when you do, but also for the abilities you get to add to your authoring app. OK – it is a Mac only app, but you can edit the build folders from ANY DVD authoring application – just move your PC files onto the mac mini, fire up DVDAE and edit the VIDEO_TS folder to your heart’s content!

Be warned – DVDAfterEdit is not a simple tool, and requires learning about the DVD specifications. Fortunately there are plenty of very helpful folk on hand at the forums to help you.

I am not sure how the shipping to countries other than the US will take place, or what charges you might incur for customs, etc – but ideally the mac mini would get shipped as a gift. Either way, the software is really going to open your eyes about what is possible when you author a disc.

Head over to DVDAfterEdit.com for more information. Check out the discussion forums there and the tutorials. Those guys are doing some serious action research!