Horbury School, BSF, Learning Platforms, virtual learning environments

Horbury school is located in Wakefield and is undergoing a BSF process. They are also in the process of becoming a trust school, with languages as their specialism. Following on from the work we did in Yorkshire, reviewing learning platform implementation, we were asked to work with them as consultants to advise on their plans for the future.

As part of our visit we attended a presentation by RM on the next version of Kaleidos (v3). Whilst it was a Flash based presentation, I have to say that the feature set planned is awesome! Unfortunately, when we tried to log in to it to see for ourselves the whole internet service was deadly slow and so we didn’t really manage to get to see/do what we wanted. Partly down to RM? We don’t know.

However, Horbury are a long way down the road to implementing a learning platform and they are looking at using Moodle alongside a number of different pieces of software. The RM solution is still being trialled and tested, however, adn it should be interesting to see how this school develops. We were impressed with the determination and general understanding of the power of online learning from every teacher we met. The school certainly seems right on the cutting edge, and it would be brilliant to continue to support them.