Community Radio

Can you believe it? A new radio station is starting up, and I am slightly involved in that.

This makes the count of three – Hospital Radio in Chelmsford, Saint FM in Maldon and Burnham and now Chelmsford Community Radio. I am sure it will be a real drain on my time and energy, but you know what… I’ll love every single minute of it!

There is much to tell about this new venture, but in essence it is not yet broadcasting on FM – only through the Internet. Check it out on for example. As soon as Ofcom open the next round of applications we will go for a full FM license as well. If you’d like to help or get involved, then go to and use the contact form there. We’re looking for people with all kinds of skills, not just presenters. If you have some time, live locally enough and want to be part of a new sound in the town, get in touch!