Blimey… and there was I thinking I didn’t have time to stop to learn a scripting langauge! How wrong can you be.

Well, it isn’t really about having time is it? It’s all about purpose and whether or not the need is there which drives the desire to learn. In my case it is, since I am part of a team working on a project with the Design Council and the site makes use of PHP (and Flash – but that’s a whole other story for later).

I’m still trying to make sense of it, but thanks to yet another colleague I am beginning to understand it a little bit more. Unlike any other formal learning, where a chunk at a time is taken, tried, repeated, applied, etc, I am having to dive into the deep end and see the entire thing holistically. It’s like reading a book but only knowing a fraction of the words, yet trying to understand the story… tough call.

So, many thanks to Alex for his tireless explanations, loan of books and the like – and big apologies to all who are having to suffer my expletive driven learning style!