Bromley Summer School, Digital Creativity

Last Tuesday I attended the teacher’s centre in Bromley to deliver a presentation for a group of staff from different schools who are going to be taking part in this year’s ‘Summer School’ event.

For a lot of the time I went over the last five years worth of work, which was absolutely compelling to do – I can’t say how much of an impact this stuff has – it is really leading the way in the digital creativity stakes! The staff were attentive, asked questions and ultimately just *had* to participate!

When I get round to demonstrating clay animation it is really captivating – not because of me, but because of the subject and the materials you get to use. On this occasion I animated a mobile phone and a ball of plasticine, making a six second film called ‘disappear’. Then it was the turn of the teachers and boy oh boy you should have seen the way they got into making those plasticine models! It really is a refreshing thing to do and to see…

The actual training day for the children is next week, and I am sure we will have every bit as good a result as in previous years. We ought to make a few DVDs of this work… 🙂