Birdseye Attacked, time to move blogs.


It is like living on a knife edge when you have your blog on a server that is getting so many hits!

One of the Ultralab servers was hacked last week, and whilst not a great deal of damage was done, it did take it off line for a number of days. The worst part of this was the timing – just before a bank holiday weekend when no-one would be around to fix the problems.

SO it was that this blog was off line for five days. Sorry to all of you who tried and failed to get in whilst looking for Dension files, Limara info, stuff about cameras, the Highways Agency or DVD authoring in general. It really couldn’t have come at a worse time!

We are back up and running (as you can see) but it emphasises the point that this blog needs to move homes. Doing so will undoubtedly cause issues, not least we will lose google juice and people who have linked to these pages will lose the links. Hopefully we’ll be able to take enough time before moving to allow proper redirection and google bots enough time to re-link the pages.