Archer MacLean’s Mercury, PSP Mercury, PSP games

I’m pretty pleased for my oldest brother right now – he has developed a blindingly good idea into what looks set to be a top selling game… ‘Mercury‘ on the Play Station Portable platform.

The object of the game is to move a blob of mercury around a 3D maze and to reach the end with as much of that blob left as possible. There are all kinds of ways to interact with the blob and get it to do different things, such as change colour in order to access a particular section of the maze. You even have to sacrifice a small piece of it from time to time in order to operate lifts and bridges so that the main blob can progress onwards… it’s remarkable how much empathy you can feel towards a blob of liquid metal!

Now, When we were all a lot younger we used to play with mercury at school. We weren’t necessarily supposed to, I guess, but I can distinclty remember holding it and rolling it around, testing it for magnetism and all kinds of other things. Now, of course, we know the dangers associated with it, but back then we were blissfully ignorant.

I can’t wait to get hold of a PSP to actually try out all of the levels in this game – I know he is my brother, but I can’t help feeling a little bit more proud than usual over this one!

Nice one, Archer!