Soft top motoring, Essex pubs worth a visit

It must be summer – or at least spring… we took the hard top off the MG today and drove with the hood down for the first time since it was bought.

And as we drove we found ourselves heading into central Essex and a small village called ‘North End’. It was whilst heading through there that we saw the ‘Butcher’s Arms’ pub (listed here) and stopped for lunch. It is a family pub and has a nice atmosphere and some pretty good food – nothing astonishing, but good service, friendly and serves food later than most. We got there at about 2pm expecting to be turned away, only to find they are still serving until about 3.30 usually. That’s good, because I prefer a later lunch! Out of a possible 2000 or so pubs in Essex to visit, this one is worth the trip.

Anyway, good pub, sunny day, nice food and a soft top car all combine to make a happy Saturday!