Customer service at Harrods

I took the children to Harrods recently – just before the new year – and they had a fantastic time looking around all of the departments. Of course, the toy department held a certain fascination!

There are numerous restaurants and cafes dotted throughout the store and the escalator in the middle is a sight to see.

We purchased several things on the day, including a DVD of the England vs Australia rugby world cup final (2003) but when we got into the car to leave we found that the DVD was missing a disc of the two, and the one that remained was broken near the centre spindle hole. My son was, quite naturally, very disappointed.

I rang Harrods and amazingly was put right through instantly to not only the department but the salesman I dealt with. He offered several solutions (including me returning to the store – I wasn’t about to pay another NCP charge!) but was very keen to put matters right. Unfortunately there wasn’t another copy of the DVD in stock, but they would order it for me.

Well, that was over a week ago and I had heard nothing. I rang them again and this time spoke to customer services who put me right through to the same salesman. He was really helpful again and said that he would chase it for me personally, but I would now need to speak to the CD/DVD department. I did – again, super helpful and polite they wasted no time in recording the matter and promising to get hold of another copy if at all possible…

Now, I am not normally known for my patience with these things, and would by now have asked for a refund if it wasn’t for two things. First, My son really wanted the DVD and it was kind of like a Christmas present for him. Second, Harrods staff are among the most polite and helpful I have ever had to deal with. It was worth waiting to see just what they would be able to do!

We left it that I would go to the store next week and speak to the salesman personally, and we would sort it out that way. How refreshing to have such a high level of customer focus instead of the usual uninformed sales folk at the majority of department stores. Harrods is as near to me (in time and mileage) as Bluewater is, and despite the parking and congestion charges is no more expensive… so why do I go to Bluewater?

Of course, I haven’t had the refund or replacement yet, so we’ll see what the next installment brings!