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BBC Micro News

21 March, 2008

A colleague from Cleveratom (Nick) was at the recent science museum event in London which saw the BBC Micro creators reunite to celebrate over 25 years of the machine. In preparation for it Nick created a unique system which uses a BBC Micro to read out the current BBC news RSS feeds! You can subscribe […]

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Personalised Learning – is it just for secondary schools?

14 March, 2008

Much is said these days about personalisation of learning, but the vast majority of what is said seems to relate mostly to children, or learners, over the age of 10. I’ve never really been too comfortable with the way that we emphasise secondary ages in this kind of way, believing inherently that there is much […]

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Engage East England, CMS Made Simple

11 March, 2008

A recent project required us to create a website for Rochford District Council, Uttlesford District Council and Essex County Council where users would be able to access information relating to public consultations and best practice. Nothing particularly remarkable in that – this is the sort of project that we enjoy doing as it is for […]

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