Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning

It is with great pleasure I find myself trekking around Yorkshire again, revisiting schools we used as case studies in 2007 when working for YHGfL to produce ‘Virtually There: Learning Platform Research’. This publication was probably the first of its kind in the UK and for 2007 was fairly comprehensive in what it attempted to do. Launched at the annual conference in Castleford, the publication was accompanied by a DVD which held film clips of the teachers actively involved in implementing learning platforms. It was a lovely piece of work to be involved in.

So when we were asked if we would revisit the same schools to capture the next steps in their journey, and create ‘Virtually Where?”, we were delighted! This new project will explore the progress made in two years and once again be presented at the annual conference. This time, however, it will be an entirely online affair, with videos forming the majority of the experience. Our role is to interview, capture, edit and produce the site and content. Wonderful.

In the course of our first trip to one of the most beautiful counties in England, we happened upon Compo’s Cafe. Anyone who has ever heard of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ will know immediately who Compo was! We went past it before, but didn’t have an opportunity to stop… this time we did, however. Whilst the restaurant was pretty full and busy, the take away chippie was fine – we ordered a portion of chips and sat outside ion the Yorkshire sunshine watching the world go by. A blissful 20 minutes in a hectic schedule! If you get the chance, visit Yorkshire. And even better, grab a bag of chips from Compo’s Cafe!

Compo's Cafe, Holmfirth
Compo's Cafe, Holmfirth

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  • 16 February, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Hal – glad you’re enjoying the commission! I actually almost bought a house right next to Compo’s – but thought better of it when I saw how popular it is! The fish and chips are good, though…

    Looking forward to the fruits of your labours!

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