Holiday in the Maldives

This summer we were looking for a break to just simply stop working and relax. As ever, came up trumps and we found ourselves heading to the Maldives and a tiny resort called Ranveli Village.

What a gem of a place! If you want two relaxing weeks doing nothing except sun bathing, snorkling and some very, very good diving you can do no better, IMO.

The staff were all exceptionally polite and friendly and whilst it was monsoon (and we did get a couple of big storms) the weather was excellent.

Food and drink were top quality as well (although I don’t usually have maple syrup on pancakes – the Shrove Tuesday kind – which was a new thing). Best of the bunch was Friday night which was ‘maldivian Night’ – all local foods served by waiters in local costume. It was excellent!

Snorkling with sharks, turtles, octopus and watching clown fish (like Nemo), parrot fish and tuna amongst a huge variety of others was, simply, breath taking.

If ever you get a chance, go there! Do take some sunscreen though – I got burnt on day 1, which was a bit of a downer…

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