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If, like me, you use Apple’s iCal to keep track of a variety of different aspects of your life, and, like me, you need to share those aspects with colleagues, then you could need iCalPublish.

This nifty bit of software performs a vital job – it allows you to combine multiple diaries from within iCal and publish them on a .Mac or WebDAV server as a single calendar.

I used to publish several diaries from within iCal, and colleagues would have to open all of them to see my overall availability. Now, they simply open a single diary and in there are the contents of six others.

It is shareware, and well worth the fee, in my opinion. Once you publish your combined diary, you can also subscribe to it yourself and see it in your own local copy of iCal. You see it as others who subscribe to the published version would see it. Cool.

The current version is 2.3, and it is available from