Alpine sat nav, iPod in your car, Alpine N333RRS, KCA-420i

For those who have just about had enough of Dension, check out the Alpine head units that support the KCA-420i interface…!

Personally, I’ll be looking for a sat nav unit, such as this one which you will see from the link is only 975 Euros (or roughly ��660 at today’s rates), instead of the massively overpriced ��1500 that this lot quoted me (plus fitting… plus adapters, plus can-bus, definitely, before they have even looked at the car…) with a word of caution regarding my internet ‘find’ about ‘grey imports’, ‘not real Alpine gear’, and the best one… “You’ll pay a hefty amount of import duty on that, son”… followed soon by rumblings and grumblings about how they lost ��43,000 due to eBay and Internet sales. Well, that must have been careless of them.

The German company Caraudio-versand are very nice on the phone, speak English and are keen to do business… Oh, and if you pay the German rate of VAT there is NO IMPORT COST, according to the customs and excise folk, who I rang up to speak to about it all… almost impenetrable website, but excellent advice over the phone.

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