Dension Files

Download the Dension firmware files here. As I get new files sent to me, I’ll add them to this list.

Configuration Files:

Config files

Firmware Files

F/Ware v2.03 (468kb)

F/Ware v2.04 (668kb)

F/Ware v2.05 (676kb)

F/Ware v2.06 (696kb)

F/Ware v2.07 (692kb)

F/Ware v2.10 (648kb) (4.1Mb)

Newer firmware files found over at Note that some of these are .exe. files for a PC, not Mac friendly .zip files.







More information about the above files is available (in German) from

More configuration files, sent to me by other readers:

Version 4 of the configuration files

Some basic info:

How to update your firmware


I have not personally installed or used any update beyond v2.05.

Check out the Dension Support now, as HackMyCar and others seem to have disappeared, replaced by an altogether better Dension support system.

Of these, the Knowledge base seems to have most of the answers to questions for older systems (like mine) and the downloads are now listed in a useful matrix to help you find the right one. Check here:

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