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Convert ISO639 codes to Decimal, DVD Studio Pro Language settings, SPRM0 values

Posted by on 25 January, 2006 at 3:27 pm

Have you ever wanted to know what the language codes are for a DVD? They are held as a decimal number in SPRM0 and you can use this value in lots of ways.

For example, knowing the setting for the language code in a DVD player means that you can force your DVD to start up in that language. However, knowing the values your authoring app uses for language codes is also valuable.

Working in DVD Studio Pro it is easy enough to change the simulation preferences to display a different language for the project. You can then examine that value when the simulation takes place, but given the sheer number of different languages it would take someone with the patience of a saint to switch all of the preferences one at a time and then see what the values were.

DVD Studio Pro, Play All, DVDSP scripting

Posted by on 2 January, 2006 at 12:08 pm

I have been thinking more about how to create a ‘play all’ scenario on a DVD Studio Pro project and reduce the number of scripts to achieve it.

For those who haven’t yet got there, you can achieve a ‘Play All’ system by using stories in your project as long as your footage is all in one track. If, like lots of folk, you have several different tracks that you want to link together in a ‘Play All’ system you have to use scripts.

My advice is first of all to not use lots of tracks, it makes a lot more sense to keep everything in one place and go from there, but if you have already got it set up, this is what you need to do.

DVD After Edit, DVDAfterEdit

Posted by on 27 November, 2005 at 7:20 pm

I was recently very fortunate to receive an email from Larry Applegate who is the driving force behind the DVD AfterEdit software now, having bought out Trai Forrester’s interest. Larry invited me to use the software on the projects I do and I was thrilled to be a part of this development.

Simply put, DVDAfterEdit is a ‘post-build’ editor for the mac. It takes a VIDEO_TS folder from a built DVD and gives you access to every single feature, right down to the nav pack level, and enables you to alter each piece to make the project do things the authoring application wouldn’t let you do. You can also put right any mistakes you have made, such as incorrect button navigation, re-set the region coding and so on.

Random playback, DVD Studio Pro scripting, random play all no repeat

Posted by on 27 November, 2005 at 6:52 pm

Over the weekend I regained my broadband connection, having lost it for three to four weeks. Boy! What a lot of posts were on the Apple discussion forums for DVD Studio Pro when I looked there!

One that struck me as worthy of a detailed reply was asking about setting up random playback of all of the stories in the project, not repeating any of them. The user had 16 stories and was using DVDSP v4 (which made life easier).

When you do this kind of scripting, you need to do two things. First off, you’ll have to partition a memory register so that all of your clips can be ‘stored’ in either a played or unplayed state. Secondly, you’ll need to track which have played and/or keep track of how many have played.

Creating a quiz on a DVD

Posted by on 7 August, 2005 at 11:51 pm

Over the weekend I was checking in on the Apple forums for DVD Studio Pro when a particular question caught my eye. The gist of it is that the poster wanted to create a quiz on a DVD where the questions were drawn at random. Easy enough, I hear you say… until we got into doing it and then it turned into a ‘random, but no repeats, please’ situation.

I decided to try to build a short project which did this with just five arbitrary questions. Using DVDSP v4 made things a bit easier since I could manually partition the memory register. I chose to use a very verbose scripting method which repeated sections of code.