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Spedr – firefox extension, shortening urls

28 September, 2008

Up until now I have been a big fan of tinyurl, which takes a really long URL from anywhere and converts it into a short and neat version that can be pasted into a text document or email. This is good because it means the link won’t split over lines and is less likely therefore […]

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Copy file path to clipboard, Mac OSX

13 September, 2008

Have you ever wanted to just get the complete path to a file and use it in a  text editor? I find I do more often these days, particularly when trying to explain to someone where they might find a preference file, for example. I’m sure there used to be the ability to copy the […]

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Access iPhone Backup, recover files from iPhone backup

12 September, 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I took a photo with my phone and used the image as the wallpaper for when the phone is locked. However, I completely overlooked this when I deleted the original image from the camera roll. This meant I had an image in place but no way of […]

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Upgrading iPhone to 3G, Restoring iPhone, Backup iPhone

9 September, 2008

What nobody seems to mention when you upgrade your iPhone to the 3G version is that you have to back up and restore your phones in a particular way. The issue arises when you have got a 3G iPhone that has an older firmware version on it and when you have iTunes set to automatically […]

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Cleveratom Website

8 September, 2008

The Cleveratom website has been given a new look and a new engine, too! For the last few months we have been relying on WordPress to drive things along, and whilst it has been OK, it has never been what we wanted. It was better than a static page, but never really did the job […]

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