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So this is Christmas…

29 December, 2007

What a heck of a year. Having been made redundant this time last year it has been a whirlwind, with barely any time at all to stop and think, let alone blog. At some points in the year I really didn’t think I’d get to December in one piece, let alone smiling. And when you […]

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Cleveratom Website

9 December, 2007

The move to a new version of the web site is running… there may be some issues as we change settings here and there, please bear with us. It should iron itself out over time, as we spend more time ‘fine tuning’ it all.

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WordPress bug, format.php, invalid wordpress html code

7 December, 2007

It may come as a surprise to some (but not many) folk to know that there has apparently been a long running bug in wordpress from about version 2.1 which will cause your website to fail validation. It only happens in certain situations, such as when you try and add a plugin to capture form […]

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Cleveratom Website makeover

5 December, 2007

The Cleveratom website is having a gentle lick of paint. Well, actually it’s having a restructure, and the paint will look very much the same as before! We are moving it into a different kind of technology so as to be able to easily pull in RSS feeds and generally be able to manage the […]

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