BBC News errors, is this the worst?

Normally known for its high quality reporting, the BBC News website appears to be suffering an attack of the gremlins today. Without commenting too much on the content of the story, which is undeniably appalling, just read this leading paragraph:

The sister of a man who died after confronting youths who threw litter into her car has sais she is finding ahrd to come to terms with her death.

I kid you not. This was on the website at 2pm today and the entire article followed with a string of errors, poor grammar and bad spelling abounded! Click here to read the article, but keep in mind that some sharp eyed editor may be just about to correct the mistakes. Unfortunately, I do have a copy of that page as it currently is… BBC News Article

Let’s assume that it was typed from shorthand notes, eh? Doesn’t seem to show much respect for the people in the story, mind you.

Laptop Theft, data loss

Just a brief note to anyone who has been in contact with me over the last few months. My laptop was stolen yesterday and I lost a lot of data, including a fair number of email addresses and details. If you have been in touch with me for any reason (be it personal or work-related) please get back in touch… the chances are that I can’t send an email to you at the moment as I won’t have your address.