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Dark Mood V2 WordPress theme, editing wordpress files, encoding PHP

30 July, 2007

It may come as no surprise to some to find that freely available themes have got advertising embedded in them by default. It came as a surprise to me, mind you! I downloaded and installed the Dark Mood V2 wordpress theme by Ed Canape and found that in the footer file there was a PHP […]

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Lowestoft Air Festival 2007, Red Arrows

28 July, 2007

I haven’t seen the Red Arrows perform for a very long time, probably over 30 years now, but I was completely unprepared for the sheer excitement of watching them fly on Friday 27th July in Lowestoft. The Lowestoft Airshow is an annual event attended by tens of thousands of people from all over the East […]

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Cleveratom Move Offices

28 July, 2007

It’s Official! Cleveratom Limited moved house on the 25th July 2007 to their new premises in Chelmsford. Two days of lifting and shifting furniture proved extremely tiring – everything had to be taken up a flight of stairs for a start – but very worthwhile. We have managed to save some of the furniture destined […]

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Pizza Express Review Site

21 July, 2007

Anyone who has ever been to a Pizza Express restaurant will know that the quality is reasonably consistent from place to place, however, it isn’t always… A new website  is available where you can sign in and review your experiences of Pizza Express. If you have a small image taken on a camera phone, […]

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Advertising in Magazines – does it work?

19 July, 2007

Here you can see Alex leafing through one of the national magazines that deals with education whilst in W H Smith in Chelmsford. He happens to be on a page carrying an advert for Cleveratom and our consultative services for schools looking to develop or implement a virtual learning environment, or learning platform. This is […]

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