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Cleveratom reaching a critical mass?

18 April, 2007

After just four months work, building up a new company, we find that we are already at the point of discussing whether or not to take on a new member of staff. This is actually a big decision to make, and quite a step forward for the company – how best to go about it, […]

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Stevie Vann Lange – Remember My Name (Limara saga, part 3), SAS Band

6 April, 2007

Just quickly – I went back to Stevie Vann’s website and found that she has put a few numbers online to listen to… glorious! Check out Remember My name, but also have a listen to the SAS Band version of ‘I just wanna make love to you’. Very well done, Stevie! Let’s have some more, […]

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Downloadable Software

5 April, 2007

Have you ever wanted a piece of software and looked for it online only to find it is much more expensive than you thought, or a massive download that you haven’t got time for? Well, imagine finding a place that offers you near instant availability at a stupidly low price! That’s what you get when […]

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Three months later…

5 April, 2007

We started Cleveratom in January 2007, and we planned what we would do for it in December 2006. Matt did the review for the end of week Seven, so I am looking at what we have achieved at Cleveratom at the end of week fourteen! This all started when I looked back in the archives […]

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