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Nikon D200, Sigma 18-200, review

27 March, 2007

Just a few words on this one, as I don’t actually have time to write a full review right now. The Nikon D200 is an astonishingly good camera for the money. It feels solid, reliable and trustworthy in my hand, which can’t be a bad thing! The feature set is superb – very ‘pro’ level […]

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Canon XL2 Camcorder

27 March, 2007

We have been very fortunate lately to be working with some excellent people. One such is Phil Sharp who works for Canon UK. Part of what we do is to undertake film and animation workshops around the UK, and occasionally get to do some filming for a wider project brief. Whilst at Ultralab we were […]

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Hand Car Wash

27 March, 2007

My mate Matt has a very dirty car. In fact,he took it for a service and got told off by the main dealer for the state it was in… my guess is that they didn’t like the rodents they found in the back! However, Matt is resourceful, and on finding that he would have had […]

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Nikon D200, Cheap camera, Haggle for a bargain

19 March, 2007

The title really says it all! A short while ago I found myself in Bluewater in Kent, walking past what used to be Dixons – is it Curry’s Digital now? Anyway, I have been thinking about getting a new camera for a hwile now, and so on the off-chance I walked in and went to […]

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BBC Networked Identity, Science Museum, Serpentine gallery

1 March, 2007

From 19th to 23rd February The Networked identity week was running, which was a creativity week for young people aged 13-19, based at the Science Museum and later in the week the Serpentine Gallery. During this time I worked with a number of other people, including Christian Nold. Christian has been developing his work with […]

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