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M11 Hold up, M11 Traffic Jam, M11 Delay, Essex Police Errors, M11 Van fire – Part 2.

26 March, 2006

If you have read this blog before you may well remember the entry about being stuck in a traffic jam on the M11… you may even have left a comment about it on here. I complained to the Highways agency about the appalling way we were treated, and I may make the complaint more formal yet.

It took a bit longer than the ten working days that they said it would take for me to get a reply, and I had to send in another email to get a response, and sadly, the response I got was as formulaic as you would expect. This is faceless bureacracy at its best… don’t get me wrong, it reads as if the Highways Agency do in fact accept responsibility for the muck-up, but you can’t get to a single person being held accountable. All I would like at this point is for one person to stand up and say “yes – it was my job to get thsi organised on the day and I didn’t manage it too well”. We all make mistakes, and we all struggle to get otehrs to do their jobs from time to time. Clearly there was a lot of struggling going on that day! I am assuming here that teh police didn’t think the weight of traffic on a Saturday was going to be sufficient to emrit closing a junction, or putting up some warning signs… or that the police had to await a direct order from the relveant officer in the Highways Agency. I don’t think the police can be absolved of all blame here, since they should have been able to see what was going on as well as we could.

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Ultralab’s Reputation

24 March, 2006

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting up with two people from the University of Glasgow so that we could discuss Moodle as a VLE. David Scotson and Howard Miller are both deeply involved in the development of Moodle and both work in the teaching and learning dept at Glasgow university – a department not entirely unlike Ultralab… in fact there are lots of similarities.

I often go to meet other people to talk about the work I am involved in, but seldom have I met with anyone so clearly ‘clued up’ about what it is that Ultralab actually does. I was delighted, therefore, when their pre-planned team meeting was put back because I was there with them, and that a person from Ultralab was obviously an important visitor. It was a humbling moment and quite unexpected – so often we don’t see the impact we are having on the outside world around us, and I am deeply grateful of the time David and Howard gave so willingly to me, and for giving me that moment.

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Ultralab, BBC Blast, BBC Blast Showcase, UltraSMS

9 March, 2006

Yesterday, the Director of Ultralab, Richard Millwood, Matthew Eaves and I travelled over to White City to go to the BBC media centre. We were supporting BBC Blast at a showcase event run for the great and the good in the BBC. Director of the BBC, Mark Thompson attended the show and we were delighted to be able to give children (notably Chris and Mat) from King Harold school, Waltham Abbey, the chance to demonstrate their digital creativity skills by running an animation station.

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Virtual learning Environment, Moodle, Using Moodle, WebCT

3 March, 2006

One of the projects I am involved in is working with the University’s Faculty of Science and Technology to create a blended or online foundation degree. Much of what we do with this is going to be informed by the BA Learning Technology Research degree we are developing in the Ultraversity project, but of particular interest to me is the use of an alternative VLE to the university flavour.

Currently, Anglia Ruskin use WebCT for this kind of online delivery. Many departments across the faculties use the software, and the university has invested heavily in it. However, there are some key issues surrounding it and how it is used/perceived and these have meant I have had to find an alternative to WebCT.

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