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Limara Body Spray (part II), Stevie Vann, Stevie Lange, Remember My Name

25 February, 2006

The search continues…

I have had a few comments on my blog from my earlier post about Limara body sprays, and I am still looking for any footage of the (infamous?) advert from the 1980’s. If you know of it’s whereabouts…do let on!

In the mean time I have been fortunate enough to be sent an image from the ‘Remember My Name’ single sleeve.

Thanks to Erika from the Stevie Lange web site… more research to do!

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M11 Hold up, M11 Traffic Jam, M11 Delay, Essex Police Errors, M11 Van fire

25 February, 2006

Were you on the M11 in Essex on 25th February 2006, travelling either north or south bound? Did you get on to the motorway easily enough, only to find a few miles later that it was gridlocked? Did you, like me, sit there for over five hours and wonder why Essex Police had allowed you on to the motorway in the first place? BBC news reported it as this, but it is a woefully inadequate description when you were part of it.

In the small hours of Saturday morning (25th Feb) there was a broken down lorry between junctions 7 and 6 (southbound). That’s between Harlow and the M25. A van came along to sort it out, but there was a fire (for whatever reason). The van happened to be carrying gas canisters and these are pretty dangerous when they get hot. As far as I can tell from radio reports, the breakdown happened at about 6am or so, and the fire was shortly after that. let’s say 7.30 for argument’s sake. Whatever the actual time, it was pretty early.

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DVDafteredit, DVD after edit, post build editing, DVD Studio Pro, editing video_ts folder, free mac mini

20 February, 2006

I note that the good folks over at are giving away a free mac mini with every copy of the top level ‘mastering edition’ of their software.

Just so you know, DVDAfterEdit is a groundbreaking addition to any DVD author’s toolkit – if you haven’t yet got it, go now and sign up for a copy – if you are at all serious about DVD authoring, that is. yes, I know it costs a few dollars, but you’ll be glad you spent them – not least for the shiny new mac mini that is yours when you do, but also for the abilities you get to add to your authoring app. OK – it is a Mac only app, but you can edit the build folders from ANY DVD authoring application – just move your PC files onto the mac mini, fire up DVDAE and edit the VIDEO_TS folder to your heart’s content!

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Nikon D50, Nikon D50 vs Canon EOS 350D, Buying Nikon D50 Camera

19 February, 2006

I have been trying to decide on a half decent digital camera for a long time now, and I narrowed the choice down to a Nikon D50 or a Canon EOS 350D. The original list also included Nikon D70s, Olympus E500 and a few others. By and large my budget was for about ��500, but for the right deal I’d have gone higher.

So what did I look for?

First and foremost I do not consider myself to be a ‘pro’ photographer – I am fairly experienced around cameras, but probably still have a great deal to learn. My major prior experience is with Canon video cameras such as the XL1 and GM2(both of which I love using, by the way), so I bring no preconceptions to this – except possibly that Canon cameras are great! What I wanted was a camera that would take different lenses and would take rock solid pictures time after time, with enough room for me to ‘grow’ into it.

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Dension Firmware update, Dension Config files, How to update Dension ICE>Link plus, Download Dension Firmware

19 February, 2006

Today I finally did what I should have done a year ago – I created a block here with just the Dension firmware files in it for people to download as they need. You will see each of the early firmwares there on the left hand side, plus a zip archive with all of them together (to save you having to get them one at a time). Also in there is the configuration files for various car makes, plus the .pdf on how to run the updates.

If anyone wants to send me the very latest Dension files I’d be pleased to add them to the list.

Dension have done a poor job in providing these files for their customers, in my opinion. As time marches on, more improvements to the firmwares will have been made, but a lot of folk seem to want to stay with a version that works for them. For me, that was version 2.05, but I removed my Dension ICE>Link a year ago in favour of the Alpine head unit and KCA420i iPod adapter – a far superior experience when playing your iPod in your car.

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