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Bruce the Wonder Yak, Final Cut Pro, Easter Egg

8 August, 2005

Oh yes – he does exist in Final Cut Pro 4 and 5! If you have no idea what I am going on about here, run a few intenet searches for ‘Bruce the Yak’ or ‘Easter Egg in Final Cut Pro’. The guy’s a legend!

I am not going to tell you how to get him in v4 or 5. In an earlier version you have to invoke the tools window and click find a certain spot to control+click in, and ‘Call the Yak’ would appear as an option. Nowadays it’s a tad harder, but suffice to say it isn’t in the tools window – and it isn’t about control+clicking anything.

There could be a custom button for it, though… 😉

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Creating a quiz on a DVD

7 August, 2005

Over the weekend I was checking in on the Apple forums for DVD Studio Pro when a particular question caught my eye. The gist of it is that the poster wanted to create a quiz on a DVD where the questions were drawn at random. Easy enough, I hear you say… until we got into doing it and then it turned into a ‘random, but no repeats, please’ situation.

I decided to try to build a short project which did this with just five arbitrary questions. Using DVDSP v4 made things a bit easier since I could manually partition the memory register. I chose to use a very verbose scripting method which repeated sections of code.

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