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DVD Studio Pro GPRM based button jumps, scripting, DVDSP scripts

31 July, 2005

This has been an interesting week. For nearly three years I have wondered about how to reliably make GPRM based button jumps in DVD studio pro. For one reason or another they have never worked reliably and so I have avoided using them. Worse, I have advised others to avoid them, too.

This week, thanks largely to Jake Russell, we might have finally sorted out the GPRM based jumps. I created a simple project that makes use of two menus accessing the same track in DVDSP and set up several different ways to sort out which to return to after the track plays (depending on where you came from).

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Jonathan and Matt on BBC Essex

18 July, 2005

Earlier today, two colleagues, Jonathan and Matt, were invited onto BBC Essex radio to take part in the ‘sound advice’ phone in where callers get help troubleshooting computer problems.

I stayed ‘back at the ranch’ to record the entire event and you can find more info about it on Jonathan’s blog:

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File size limit Fat32, NTFS

18 July, 2005

For some unknown reason I was caught trying to transfer a 4.2Gb file from a WInXP laptop to a WinXP desktop. I went via my trusty Mac, since I needed a machine with a DVD burner to create a backup of the file.

Creating the DVD was, naturally, a piece of cake. Getting it onto the desktop of the PC was not.

Why, oh why, oh why….

It wouldn’t go, no matter what. Every time I tried I got a ‘not enough space’ warning. Even when I opened the DVD it showed the file size as 2Gb and not the full 4+GB it was showing as on the Mac.


The XP laptop was installed on a NTFS partition. On the desktop it was on a FAT32 partition.

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Network Mac to PC, share files between Mac and PC, cross platform network, mixed platform network

18 July, 2005

I wrote an email to a bloke called Simon and tried to explain how to network a Mac and a PC together. This is one of those things that is in fact easier to do than to explain, but it isn’t a straightforward process by any measure.

The email I wrote relied on there being a router involved and both machines connected to it, receiving DHCP addresses from it. The instructions on doing this bit are usually included with your router and would probably be part of the initial set up that you go through. From there you need to follow the steps here to get it all running.

I am using Mac OSX 10.4.x and Win XP Pro, but it works the same with Win XP Home. This is what I said:

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