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Alpine sat nav, iPod in your car, Alpine N333RRS, KCA-420i

29 April, 2005

For those who have just about had enough of Dension, check out the Alpine head units that support the KCA-420i interface…!

Personally, I’ll be looking for a sat nav unit, such as this one which you will see from the link is only 975 Euros (or roughly ��660 at today’s rates), instead of the massively overpriced ��1500 that this lot quoted me (plus fitting… plus adapters, plus can-bus, definitely, before they have even looked at the car…) with a word of caution regarding my internet ‘find’ about ‘grey imports’, ‘not real Alpine gear’, and the best one… “You’ll pay a hefty amount of import duty on that, son”… followed soon by rumblings and grumblings about how they lost ��43,000 due to eBay and Internet sales. Well, that must have been careless of them.

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ice>LINK software v2.07, Dension config files, iPod in your car, update ice>LINK

29 April, 2005

Right – with a little help from friends over at I can now offer all of the Dension updates and config files, from version 2.03 through to 2.07. I have included the update instructions as well, although I guess for many folk it will be very familiar by now.

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Goodbye Rover, Jeremy Clarkson

26 April, 2005

I got this sent to me today, and found it pretty amusing. I see there is no mention of MG (just as well) but Clarkson is on top form, as usual:

“April 24, 2005

Jeremy Clarkson: Goodbye, Rover. Sorry, I won���t be shedding a tear

We���re all supposed to be weeping over the death of MG Rover. But this is
not like the death of Concorde or the death of the Queen Mother. This is
not the death of a national institution.

Of course it must be a very bleak time for the company���s 6,500 employees
and their families as they stoically face an uncertain future. They are
not to blame – they didn���t choose the management. I dare say the closure

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Ice>LINK software version 2.06

21 April, 2005

After finding that version 2.06 works well in my car, and that Dension have seen fit to remove the links to the firmware updates for their Ice>LINK hardware, I thought it might be a good idea to provide it here.

This file contains firmwares 2.03 through to 2.06 – as soon as I locate the v2.07 firmware I’ll add it… I understand the 2.1 firmware will soon be out too.

The download also includes all of the head unit configuration files for OEM and aftermarket units that Dension had on their site, plus the files to clear the head unit configuration and the instructions about how to upgrade.

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Archer MacLean’s Mercury, PSP Mercury, PSP games

17 April, 2005

I’m pretty pleased for my oldest brother right now – he has developed a blindingly good idea into what looks set to be a top selling game… ‘Mercury‘ on the Play Station Portable platform.

The object of the game is to move a blob of mercury around a 3D maze and to reach the end with as much of that blob left as possible. There are all kinds of ways to interact with the blob and get it to do different things, such as change colour in order to access a particular section of the maze. You even have to sacrifice a small piece of it from time to time in order to operate lifts and bridges so that the main blob can progress onwards… it’s remarkable how much empathy you can feel towards a blob of liquid metal!

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