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17 November, 2004

Each year at ultralab we have embarked on a digital creativity project with young people. This year we went worldwide and invited children to make short videos and animations. Some of this has subsequently appeared on BBC2 (more on that another time), and all of it goes onto a DVD which we author at the ‘lab.

This is always a tremendously intensive time for us. This year, Matt did the video editing, Neil did the sound work, Alex did the graphic design and I put the discs together (with lots of help again from Matt… and Alex).

One of the features we wanted was a video jukebox, where a viewer could select any clip in any order and build a play list. We restricted it to eight clips, but it was a fairly complex bit of scripting that achieved this for us. Huge, huge thanks to Alex Blanc for working through the maths involved and entertaining the idea that ‘bit-shifting’ in 16 bit registers was do-able! Previously I have only seen this feature done theoretically and only with eight clips available as a maximum. We had twenty four clips to select from…

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