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25 September, 2004

Remember it? No… not the product… THE advert of all time!

Limara body spray or shampoo or something, whatever it was, was totally eclipsed by the advertising which was pretty spectacular.

OK, I was a pubescent schoolboy at the time, and this was the early 1980s, but I swear just about every red blooded rock loving kid I knew was in love… with the cartoon character they used in the ad!

She had it all – and she emerged from a waterfall, still wet, to a pounding rock song (‘Remember My Name’) and she walked purposefully (nay, sexually) to a distant castle where her obviously pretty lucky lover was apparently awaiting… phew… even thinking about it now sends me back to a time when spots ran amok!

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Is there a future to it?

24 September, 2004

Here I am, at home on a Friday, wondering what the future might hold.

Nothing unusual about that, of course, except today there was a meeting with the immediate line manager for the workplace, who tried very hard to convince me that he wasn’t here to shut us down.

Trouble is, it sounded just like when Tony Blair gives a message of support to a cabinet colleague, who promptly loses their job a week later.

Gulp. let’s hope it isn’t so…

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HTML and Cascading Stylesheets

24 September, 2004

OK – I’m a beginner. I have done a few bits and pieces, and even made a couple of web sites (some still exist) but I am not ready to become a full-time webmaster just yet.

The thing is that I don’t do web work regularly enough to make it worth my while to learn about it all in depth, but just lately I saw a good article about using cascading stylesheets, and wanted to share it.

CSS is pretty useful – if I want to change the entire look and feel of a site by editing just one file, then I can – as long as that file has all of the bits and pieces in it that are necessary. So I did a bit of reading about what bits and pieces are necessary, and ended up here. Wow.

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Open Water

19 September, 2004

Well, after all the hype, I went to see Open Water. Rated as a 15 and advertised as ‘Blair Witch meets Jaws’ I was expecting a fairly harrowing (within the boundaries of a ’15’) sea adventure… after all, there’s nothing like a good film on a Sunday.

And this was nothing like a good film, regardless of what day of the week it is.

Having read the web site and seen trailers I was thinking this film was far more than it turned out to be. I should have guessed it when I saw the critics write ‘Blair Witch’ in their descriptions – that was a pile of cack as well! As for hanging on the edge of your seat, gripped with terror and all that nonsense, I have no idea what film those folks were watching, but it certainly wasn’t ‘Open Water’, surely.

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